countdown 20: food cravings

I was off from work early so I decided to meet up with my husband. I was famished and was craving for something sweet and something salty. We happened to pass by (more of walk by since we were on foot) Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City. Hubby said he's heard of a burgerhouse somewhere in the area that serves awesome burger.

We did find Burger Avenue in a cozy corner. And it comes with free wi-fi! Me and hubby are internet-addicts. Sort of.

I ordered their regular crispy bacon melt burger and strawberry milkshake. I added some french fries for the not-hungry hubby. A bit pricey at almost p400 but when i took a bite - YUM! - well worth it. I've always been a fan of crispy bacon and this one's a real treat.

crispy bacon melt burger + strawberry milkshake + hubby = bliss!

And because I forgot to ask hubby to take a picture of me biting into the deliciousness, I had to go for a second serving, this time the junior version, and with hubby finishing it off.

No nuggets of wisdom today, just burger bingeing. Blame it on hormones! The countdown says it's only 20 days before my 30th. I'm beginning to doubt its accuracy.



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