countdown 20 (again): a lesson learned

Ang Babae sa Septic Tank was hands-down hilarious! I did not know what to expect from an indie film but I did not leave the cinema disappointed. Husband and I almost doubled over laughing. But I actually left with a heavy heart and unshed tears. Sounds melodramatic but true.

The movie depicted the life of a widow with seven children living in the slums. The approach of the movie was unique but it brought to light the sad plight of the children of poor families in our country (At least, for me). Being a new mom myself, it broke my heart that Mila (Eugene's character in the movie) had to prostitute her son to a pedophile. And it is poignant to think that this happens in real life.

The movie tugged at the wall of indifference I've subconsciously built around myself through the years. I am aware that we have impoverished fellow Filipinos living in the slums but I have learned to relegate them to a different world removed from mine. Maybe, it was partly because I felt there was nothing I could do about their situation anyway and I was busy living my life.

But as I come to think about it, I feel that there must be something I can do to help, even if it is just in a small way.

The movie is an eye-opener. I hope that when I wake up tomorrow, I won't forget that tonight I realized more than ever how blessed I am and how grateful I should be for everything that I have. May I always keep that lesson in mind, especially during those times when I'm feeling materialistic. May I also remember to care and share, no matter how small.


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