countdown 2: what's in a name?

No post for day three because i'm not feeling well. I'm down with colds and sore throat, which I hate much more than my surgical wounds. Let it remain a gap in my countdown to remind me that 30 days before my birthday, I had one really bad day.

I must admit, when I started the countdown, I was an energizer bunny. I was sooo looking forward to my 30th birthday celebration. I'm supposed to be in a picnic now with my family and high school barkada, celebrating the big 3-0 together with a cousin whose birthday is only three days earlier than mine. But i'm at home, nursing my colds, feeling old.

I remained optimistic even after the surgery but there are times that I feel like crying, especially now that i'm also suffering from headache and runny nose. I try so hard not to sneeze because my wounds hurt so bad every time I do. Ouch!

Enough with my rants. On with my countdown.

I remember when I was a kid, I found a little notebook my father kept to note details about me before and when I was born. I loved that notebook dearly but somehow I lost it growing up. Sad. I also hope I made my son a similar (maybe online) one.

It is from that notebook that I first learned I was born on a sunny Sunday and my zodiac sign is Virgo. I was supposed to be named Lea Cecilia, after my parents' names. But my cousin, who was born 3 days ahead of me was named Lea so my parents had to change it.

They named me,instead, Mary Lianne.

Mary, in honor of the blessed Virgin. I remember there were a number of virtues written on the notebook about Mary, some (or maybe, most) of which I have not lived up to. That's why I don't fancy being called Mary, I don't think I deserve to be.

Lianne was supposed to be a play of the words Leopoldo and Cecilia, but really it was from the name of a sari-sari store near the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) and my parents' Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Exams Review School. Maybe this means i'm really meant to be a CPA after all.

I have already forgotten most of what was written in that small notebook but

I will forever hold in my heart its symbolism, what it meant to me growing up - that I'm deeply loved and cherished by my parents and that I am a precious GIFT from God to them. That alone makes my life worth living.


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