countdown 17/16: like/ unlike (question no. 4)

I'm at Starbucks right now enjoying free coffee care of hubby's HSBC credit card receipt. Some good things in life are still free.

He's out there running while I'm here reading and writing.

Why do I like reading and writing more than I like running?

I don't force myself to run because I have learned from Martha Beck's Yours for the Asking article in O, The Oprah Magazine, that it is not good to try to like the things you don't (really) like.


I did give running a chance and I did like it for a while but I couldn't truly capture and sustain a passion for it. I realize though that I have to pick some form of exercise to keep healthy. But maybe running is not for me, not even after the good things about it I've said in a previous post. Or maybe it's merely a phase and I'll eventually take up running again. What I know for sure is it is not gainful to force it on me right now.

One more thing that I didn't really like is reading books on becoming rich like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker. I do not question their credibility. I think they are great minds. I did read a few chapters but I do not subscribe to their ways in attaining a goal. They are too practical for me. I long for a different approach, I want some drama and emotions mixed with the goal of financial freedom. I'm more of the emotional kind - longing for meaning, living from the heart, touching lives. Drama. Drama. Drama. Maybe, I won't get rich then but maybe hubby will, so....

I know that not because I don't conform, it means I'm wrong and others are right. I also do not believe others are wrong and I am right. For example, husband and I have different approaches to things but it doesn't mean one is better than the other. We take turns in imposing our personal preferences. At times, we have "I told you so" moments (bulging eyes, raised eyebrows) but I know that eventually, we will find a win-win balance in most areas. Open-mindedness and respect are key.

We are all unique and we have different reasons, circumstances, personalities, beliefs and values for our preferences. The good thing is, we are given free rein to live our best lives.


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