countdown 15: faith in Him who knows best

Yesterday, I received a not so good news and I felt that suddenly my life was at a standstill. I must admit I was a bit frightened but the emotion that prevailed was an urge to keep going, to get it over with as quickly as possible so that I can continue living my life.

I don't know what's going to happen yet but I have faith that things will turn out okay. Today, a number of things I fretted about yesterday was settled quite well. In fact, today is a happy and hopeful day for me. I got what I asked for, and more. And I thank God for continuing to shower me with blessings, despite of my fickle-mindedness and weaknesses.

These past days since I started my countdown to my 30th were quite eventful. August is indeed my special month. Our family had a memorable bonding in Tagaytay last weekend. I will celebrate my second year as a mom to my toddler this Thursday. I'm going to have my last day in my current job soon.

Last night, I did not pray that I be spared from troubles and worries. I did not ask 'why' because I know there's no logical explanation. Instead, I prayed that God grant me courage and strength. I surrendered my fears and my future to him, He who knows best.

P.s. If this post appears a bit heavy, please bear in mind that I am a drama queen


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