countdown 14: early birthday surprise

My obi-gynecologist said that I should have the surgery the soonest possible time and all I could think of was 'hey wait, i've got to finish the monthly tax returns at work and turnover notes first'. Insane!

I responded quite positively to the doctor's order. Immediately after she dismissed me, I went to the salon for eyebrow threading, pedicure and manicure. I would have asked for foot spa and hair spa too if not for my 6 o'clock appointment with the dentist. I want to look great on the operating table.

And I called hubby and asked him to do the dirty work aka call the HMO, find an accredited doctor and hospital.

This 7.7 x 8.9 x 6.2 cm dermoid cyst in my right ovary is proving to be a killjoy, spoiling my plan to have a grand 30th birthday bash (as if). It's good that we had an advance birthday celebration this weekend in Tagaytay, before I finally found time to go for a transvaginal ultrasound last Sunday and heard the grim news.

But I am definitely not letting this cyst ruin my son's second birthday this Thursday! I talked to it and ordered it to wait until maybe Saturday and to pretty please not rupture or twist my ovary until then.

It should be able to wait until Saturday. I certainly hope so. Because we still have to find an HMO-accredited doctor and hospital. After all, the operation is a bit pricey, equivalent to the cost of a caesarean. It's like giving birth again. Only this time, to a dermoid cyst which apparently has balls of hair. Eewww!

Please pray for me and with me that this be over soon and that I recuperate fast. Because being stuck in bed certainly isn't the best way to celebrate a 30th birthday. Just 14 more days to go!


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