countdown 13: no matter what

Today is one of those days I would have rather spent 1) crying for a minute in the bathroom; 2) snuggling with my husband; and 3) playing with my son. When life deals you a bad hand, that's when you tend to refocus on the basics - faith, family and relationships.

I had to keep myself from breaking down a number of times today. The doctor was pretty good as she explained everything about the surgery but the gravity of it has not fully dawned on me until I parted ways with hubby. I don't wish to elicit sympathy. There are a lot worse things happening to other people. But I am just human and I feel bad for my body, for hubby who will bear the stress and pressure from all this and for little toddler who is too young to understand that mommy cannot play with him for a while.

I am scared and sad. But I am allowing myself to feel miserable only until tonight. There's really no point dwelling on the bad, it won't make things any better.

Tomorrow is a special day - the second year since I have been declared a mommy to my adorable son, God's best gift to me, second only to my extraordinarily great husband. I love my life, no matter what.

P.s. 13 is my lucky number.


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