and finally - the big 3-0!

And finally (drum rolls please)... the most-awaited day arrives! Today is my 30th birthday. Yey!

The past thirty days of self-reflection, leading to my birthday, was enriching and engaging for me. In a way, by the means of my blog posts, God has prepared me for the trouble that was to come halfway through my countdown. I would not have looked at my surgery in a positive light if I had not already started to view life through rose-colored glasses. In appreciating and dwelling on the good, I have learned to embrace the bad.

I must give credit to my doctor for saying that a birthday is just a day for it dawned on me that it has a ring of truth to it. We mustn't put our hopes and expectations of happiness and magic on a single day. The best way to look at a birthday is to take the product of the year that was and the sum of the other 365 1/4 days to come. It makes a birthday more special and lasting, rather than just being a 24-hour thing that fades when the calendar turns another day.

Today, 23rd of August is just another day. But my husband made it a point to make this day a memorable one for me.

Hubby managed to pull off a surprise birthday dinner for me last night with my current circle of girl friends at one my favorite restaurants. I am blessed to have a husband who goes beyond his inherent tendencies (albeit sometimes reluctantly. Haha!) to fulfill the whims of his wife. Life is full of pleasant surprises!

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for the sweet gesture and for being able to spend a few hours of the night with my good friends, who brought a yummy chocolate cake with them. I am not exactly a sociable and likeable person but I still manage to keep myself surrounded with the most dependable, pretty and cool friends. Life is sweet and delightful!
Thanks to those group buying sites that are the fad these days, hubby got us a discounted overnight stay in a hotel in Makati. His review - the elevator was slow, the breakfast lacks variety and wi-fi sucks. The room was okay though for the rate. Life is a gamble, sometimes we get the sh** end of the stick. Sometimes, we get lucky!

I thoroughly enjoyed the sinful pleasure of having a big tv screen while lounging in bed and the hot shower in the morning - life's simple pleasures!

I woke up on the day of my birthday a little under the weather because of my colds. Life is sometimes made of sniffles and sour moods!

And it didn't help that the girl from Sweet Bella said they forgot the happy birthday sign for my birthday cake. We had to fetch it ourselves from the home branch and when husband handed it to me, it read - Happy 13th birthday "Lianne". I had to laugh despite of my bad mood. Hahaha! Life is full of mishaps!


After a delightful lunch at Focaccia, the rest of the day was spent taking a nap, playing with my son, delighting in the hearty greetings from family, friends and acquaintances and writing this blog post.

I am grateful to and for each and every person who have crossed paths with me in this journey called life - 29 wonderful years so far. Bits and pieces of you are interwoven with my life story, making it unique and worthwhile.

I am now thirty. Not surprisingly, no fairy godmother came and gave me a makeover or magical secrets to having a fine and dandy life at thirty. I still believe though that i'm living a charmed life.


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