this lousy week in my extraordinary life

My toddler is becoming clingy to mommy. Ever since he learned to utter the words 'mommy', he's been using it to his advantage. Just yesterday, I woke up earlier than I intended because I can hear him crying and shouting mommy. Apparently, he wanted to climb the stairs and wake mommy up. Yaya was trying her best to distract him but he only wailed and shouted a little louder.

This has been a long and tiring week for me and I had to cut back a little on time spent with my baby. We were both crying and frustrated the other day - baby because he wanted to play with mommy, and mommy because she just couldn't play with baby. I had a pressing thing at work to do. Sometimes working from home has its downside.

I went home yesterday with a terrible headache. I worked 24 hours last Tuesday and wasn't able to catch up on sleep until last night. I almost cried at work at the thought that the job that kept me up for two nights was not done just yet. I'm guessing my tear ducts are aggravated by my impending monthly period. I had a first day false alarm yesterday.

No, i'm not writing this to rant about a lousy week at work. I'm writing this to remind me of the emotions I went through this week, in the hope of understanding myself better and as reference for whatever in the future. Experience has taught me that one's memory is unreliable and that one has tendency to repeat mistakes because of sub-conscious conditioning as a result of our past. I want to be more enlightened and in the know.

It doesn't help that my week started off with going to the doctor last Sunday, getting prescriptions for meds and a list of laboratory tests to undergo, not to mention having a pap smear. There's just something about visiting a doctor that makes me a little uneasy. I had blood taken last Monday, a urine test and an ECG (an embarrassing experience, next to the pap smear). Today, i'm going to have a 2DED. Whatever that is, i'll learn after today. I'm going back to the Internal medicine doctor and my obe-gyne this Sunday for diagnosis based on lab results and cervical cancer vaccine. It's a full week indeed!

Oh of course, it was not "all-hell" this week, there was a piece of good news I received last Tuesday. Good Housekeeping editor emailed me to say that Yes, they're going to publish my essay in the Blessings section of their September 2011 issue. Yey! That's a dream come true for me. I remember tweeting that if I get money from writing, I'll buy hubby an ipad. Well... I guess I have to write more. A lot more. Hahaha!

Happy Friday everyone. Life is never boring, enjoy!



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