mom me: sleepless nights

I've known it all along but i'm only gonna admit it out loud now - i'm an incompetent mom. I'm not saying it in an i'm-in-self-pity mode but as-a-matter-of-fact so that in admitting the problem, I may be empowered to address it.

I had a very good yaya the first year of my baby's life. She was a veteran in taking care of babies and she took very good care of my son. Somehow, that lessened the pressure on me to do good in child-rearing. But she had to go and I had to step it up as a mom. I never caught up. My husband is more conscious as a parent than I am. He would note and research on things such as weaning from the bottle, etc. I, on the other hand, have relied mostly on my rough instincts as a woman.

My son is less than a month shy from turning two and is already exhibiting streaks of rebellion. Instead of heeding my 'No', he would repeat them himself, "No-no-no-no mommy!" He has become assertive and protests - a lot!

Lately, he's been sleeping very late at night (again!) and would wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning. For a week, both hubby and I were in a foul mood. We then decided to be on duty alternately, that way we can catch up on sleep every other night. It lessened the stress but never solved the problem. My son stays up at night playing or watching you tube on my ipad. I think it was my fault for always resorting to the ipad to keep him preoccupied or company at times that I cannot attend to him.

In the mornings, he is addicted to watching DVDs of Barney, Pocoyo and Disney cars. To eventually solve the problem, hubby and I decided to do something about his addiction. Starting today, I locked away the DVDs and kept the ipad away from him. Still, I couldn't bear not to allow him to play on his itouch at least.



And alas, it worked...NOT! He was already fast asleep at 9 pm then woke up at 11 pm and wouldn't go back to sleep again. Deep sigh. Oh well, he would just keep me company as I wait for the Azkals game tonight. I hope we would have better luck tomorrow. I guess the itouch has to go too.


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