impulse buying

I don’t have self-discipline. I’ve been telling myself to cut back on my personal expenses but the other day, a sudden urge to eat ice cream had me speeding down to 7 eleven in no time. I came back loaded with junk food. Later that day, while hubby was buying Gatorade after his run, I bought myself the latest issue of Smart Parenting Magazine. I tried to hold off buying the mag as long as I can but I couldn’t help myself. I’m into magazine these days. And to think that I just spent 500 bucks eating in Pancake House instead of joining hubby in his run (I was feeling a little fatigued). It’s those little expenses that are keeping me bankrupt.

Since I did not win the lotto the other night, I must do something desperately. My technique is to put only P200 in my wallet each day. I’ve got some emergency money stashed somewhere but I vow never to touch it unless absolutely necessary, as in a matter of life and death situation. I have my lunch baon anyway (most days, at least).

I’m an Ilokana but I have no spend-thriftiness in my bones. It’s hard, so hard to keep myself from buying things. I really hope I would become more discerning in my purchases. So help me God. Please.



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