health is wealth

I am getting old and close to advocating that health is wealth. I've also become more appreciative of my and hubby's company medical benefits.

When I first heard on the MRT in-house entertainment that a left-handed woman can be divorced in Japan because they are prone to diseases and die young, I thought it was funny and unbelievable. But maybe there's a grain of truth to it as recently, I've been sickly and losing weight.

Today, I had a checkup with the General Medicine Doctor, the Ophthalmologist and my Obi-Gynecologist - for free! Thanks to hubby's corporate HMO. Because of my almost-blacking out spell last Tuesday, i'm scheduled to take fasting blood test and other laboratory tests early tomorrow, also for free. I have EDED/ Echo(?) scheduled on Friday.

Thank God the Ophthalmologist cleared me of any eye disorder even though I've been seeing this tiny gray specks called floaters, but not after dilating my eyes and having me cry a good deal of tears from those intense lights.

What I couldn't get over with though is the Pap smear with my Obi-gyne. It's my second time but it still ain't something I feel comfortable going through. It's a necessary precaution though, I suppose, especially because my aunt had died of complications from ovarian cancer. I've also decided to use up the rest of my medical allowance for cervical cancer vaccine. I'll be having my first shot this Sunday after I get the results of the pap smear. Prevention is better than cure. Cliche but true.

I feel like I've wasted a good sunday morning going to the clinic but sometimes an apple a day just does not fit the bill, a 'quick' visit to the doctor does. Hoping for the best. Keep fit everyone!


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