countdown 26: leaps of faith

Let's just say that the events of today will lead to a turning point in my life soon.

I am fond of second chances and new beginnings. If I look back at my previous blogs, I would note a number of posts on new chapters and "i'm-back moments".

It's true, I have made mistakes. I have had my share of failures and disappointments. I am not the best decision maker because I am not rational, I go by my emotions. But my leaps of faith, no matter how risky or foolish, have led me to where I am now and I have no regrets.

God is good all the time. We just got to believe and listen to our hearts.

Go, go on and jump!


"It's yours, take it
Leap like a lunatic
Over the chasm below
Erupting as you go
Your true self awaits you
Now, you will know."

- The great leap of faith by Jane Evershed


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