countdown 25: disappointments and dreams

25 days to go before my 30th and i'm in a bit of blog drought.

I'm disappointed that the Azkals did not win. I never got this involved in sports in a while, except of course for Manny Pacquiao's bouts.

I have had my share of disappointments - more than enough to keep me grounded and realistic, and at times cynical. I've got to admit that disappointments really get to me sometimes. I allow the big WHY? to momentarily haunt me. I embrace the pain, taste the bitterness and cry a bucket of tears. Nobody said life is fair. It is so unfair!

Hang-ups? Insecurities? Worries? I do have them all. I am not perfect. I have no plans to be.

What I want to do in my 30s is to get to know myself better, discover and rediscover what makes me happy and excited, and tap into my innate talents and skills so that I may maximize my human potential. I'll try my darnest to shake away my inhibitions, conquer my fears and be a better version of myself in my multiple roles. Ambitious but are we not taught to reach for the moon and the stars?!? Plus, it's my birthday anyway. I'm allowed to dream BIG.

A (wo)man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.
- John Barrymore


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