the hazards of me cooking

I am nursing a wounded thumb. Somehow i cut my finger instead of the meat i was slicing yesterday. Now it is swollen and hurts when i move it. Ouch! It seems cooking is hazardous to my health, as it always has been.

I remember in my early teens, i was cooking sweetened saba when i accidentally dropped the spatula. It landed on my right leg, red hot sugar sticking to my skin. I didn't know first aid and no adult was in the house. I tried to counter the pain with running water but the damage was done and i was scarred. Up to this day, i sport that half-an-inch scar on my leg. No sebo de macho or contractubex was able to erase it although it has faded a bit with time.

Through the years, i got more burns and wounds from cooking. Some scars have faded, leaving no trace. Others, it seems are here to stay.

And since i cook more regularly now, i expect to have more mishaps every now and then. I guess that's just the way it is with clumsy me. Sometimes, the hazards of cooking is worth the delicious meal. Other times, i feel like i should not have even tried, especially when my food-loving hubby suddenly and unexpectedly "goes on a diet." =D


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