i am a drama queen (a repost)

For a person like me who has this constant need to reinvent and improve* herself, writing is therapeutic and sharing my thoughts to those who care to read is relieving.

I’ve been gone for a while. Way back, I felt a need to keep my thoughts to myself. I was hurting then and seeing my deepest emotions and bitterness translated into words didn’t help. I didn’t want to expose my broken heart for all the world to see when I was in denial myself.

Between then and now, a lot of things has transpired. God heeded my prayers. I made big decisions and leaps of faith. I quit my first job, fell in love, moved to Ireland, been to Paris. I bought my Imac, met new friends, got lectured by my South African partner, been to the pub (trying to ignore persistent irishmen - i’m not into foreigners), broke up and got together with my boyfriend, tendered my resignation. All of these in the span of one adventurous and refreshing year. Can’t say life is dull at all.

I feel like i’m Alice in wonderland. I’m in a twilight zone. Things that happened were too good to be real. It’s like i’m in a vacation and I have a job in the sideline. After more than 6 months in Dublin, I still feel like a tourist. The downside was that my career’s gone down the drain and distance just isn’t easy on lovers.

I’m awakening from a pleasant dream. It’s time to live the real life again. And although it hurts to grow up, the pain is enlightening. Maybe, after a year, i’m a woman who now knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it even if it means giving up some good things.

I am a drama queen and my life is never naught of drama.



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