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While browsing the website of Reader's Digest Asia yesterday, i got interested in an online contest wherein you write in brief about your best travel adventure and you might just win a free 3 days 2 nights stay in Beijing ! (exclusive of airfare)

Sleepy as i was, i decided to join the contest. I needed a break and got nothing to lose. I racked my brain for memories of my travels and the most notable that came to my mind was the trip to Paris three years ago with my girlfriends. So here goes my impromptu entry which was sent to my email:

Tell us in brief your best travel adventure:

I always dreamt of going to Paris one day and in 2008, that dream came true.

Together with three of my friends, we booked a flight to Paris for 3 days and 2 nights.

We were working in Dublin then and Paris was just 2 to 3 hours away. On the day of the flight itself, i was in panic mode! I couldn't remember where I put my passport. After causing much mayhem, I finally found it in the backpocket of my luggage. That was the start of a very unforgettable trip!

Enroute to the airport, we almost didn't make it to our flight because our airport shuttle driver was arguing with one of the passengers who wouldn't put his seatbelt on. We were all like "oh come on already, let's go!"

On our first day in Paris, two taxi drivers argued over us. The first driver wouldn't take four passengers because he didn't want anyone sitting in the front seat. The other driver decided to take us, only to reject us when he realized we were going a stone throw's away from the taxi stand. Well, what did we know. It was hardly walking distance when we tried. Sakit sa paa!  Buti na lang malamig. 

We kept getting lost in the Paris metro but somehow we managed to tour the best places the romantic city has to offer - the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs-Elysees Avenue and of course the Eiffel Tower. It was breathtaking. We took the double deck tour bus and hopped on and off. It was all worth it. We even rode the cruise on the Seine River and was amazed with all the art and architectural masterpieces we passed through.

On our last night in Paris, we put on our best dresses, make up and high heels and went to an authentic French fine-dining restaurant. Afterwhich, we went to watch the show in Moulin Rouge which was spectacular beyond words. We went home in the wee hours of the morning, huddled together because it was freezing cold outside and we were in our gowns, flimsy coats and high heels!

It was one adventure I will never ever forget. I would love to go back to Paris one day, this time with the love of my life, my hubby.

Your next dream holiday destination: My next dream destination is Beijing or Paris again but this time with hubby.

P.S. The Paris trip deserves a more detailed post but I can hardly remember it anymore and all my photos are stuck in the hard drive of my broken macbook. Have to buy another one to be able to open the pictures. :(



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