I started running around a month ago, mainly to join and support hubby in his endeavor to have a healthier body. I'm fairly new to it and can barely keep up with hubby during our runs. I was not quite prepared for it. I used my current rubber shoes, not checking if it's for running or not. I also used my old shirts and shorts. Hubby always tracks his distance covered and calories burned. I hardly cared. The only goal for me is to be with hubby while we finish the running session and i breathe a sigh of relief when it's over. At times, i only walk and jog and let hubby do his thing. Running has become just another one of those things i'm dispassionate about.

I admit though that i feel lighter after each run. I also feel proud of myself and hubby for the newfound discipline to make time for and care about our health. Instead of going to the movies and spending on tickets and food once a week for our date night, we decided to divert to the less costly and healthier alternative - running.

On his recent trip abroad, hubby bought me nike running shoes and nike censor (not sure if that's the right term, have to learn more about the technical aspects of running). As a consequence, i wanted to buy matching shirts, shorts and other paraphernalia. I keep thinking i should have this for that and that for this, etc. etc. My justification is that if i have all the right stuff, i will be more motivated and comfortable to run. Right? Dead wrong. I'm merely making another excuse to shop.

Running is supposed to be simple and basic. You have your body and you decide to move it, voila! You're on your way. Running for health does not require much material, just passion and commitment.

So the next time i'm tempted to buy something, i will take John Bingham's advice into account - "...ask yourself, what difference does it make? My guess is you will find, as i did, that you already have what you really need to be your best."

(P.s. I'm sure i will eventually buy something =D, but i have to set and achieve some goals first.)

Today, i am making a conscious decision to be passionate about running. I will put my heart into it. I will set goals so that eventually, i can join fun runs and runs for a cause. In this way, i can achieve a healthier body and at the same time, give back and touch lives. On top of that, i get to bond and have fun with my running partner - hubby!

"If i run with a goal, with or without the latest shoes on my feet and materials on my body, I improve...." -John Bingham, Runner's World, November 2010


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