Role models

When i was in my youth, i used to look up to women like Gloria Arroyo and Loren Legarda. But as i grew older, i got disillusioned, critical and at times cynical. I thought they were perfect but they turned out not to be and so for a long time now, i have not truly admired somebody. I have become dispassionate and at times indifferent but if i am to grow as a person, i recognize the need to have a role model, an inspiration.

I made two uncoventional choices - Kris aquino and Oprah.
Kris aquino because she is flawed and made a lot of mistakes but isn't ashamed of who she is and embraces her being.
Oprah because eventhough she had a traumatic childhood, she outgrew that and has gone on to touch the lives of many.

They both earn lots of money doing the things they want, fulfilling their destiny and they now have the option to give back and they choose to.


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