it only takes a spark

I am supposed to be a successful and career-driven woman. Afterall, I graduated with honors, passed the board exams and have had a good career head start.
And then suddenly, I was lost. I don't know what I want anymore and I don't have the drive to aim for more.

I want to do something else. I want to write. I want to design. I want to edit photos and make invites. I want to blog.

I need help and counseling. I need a mentor. I need someone to look up to.
And I also need money, lots of them.

I am okay. I mean, I am happy that i have my hubby and son and that we are blessed to have more than enough for our needs and wants. But as I get older and wiser (I hope), I begin to question myself, is this it? Is life just supposed to be about me and my family and friends. Aren't we supposed to have a purpose, a deeper meaning, to touch lives and all that?

This then brings me to my next endeavour - to obtain financial freedom so that I can do what I want in my own time. I can also start giving back to others. But this is not feasible at the moment unless I win the lotto. Oh how I hope and fervently pray I will!

Life is difficult. That's a fact. Most of us are born to work hard for what we want. Entitlement mentality is a no-no.

So what's an ordinary woman to do? ....Accept the things that she cannot change (at the moment) and make the most of those under her control.

And so I continue to embrace my job. After all it brings in the money. But also, i try to maximise use of my free time to learn a little more each day, to be a better person, wifey and mommy, to find what sparks the light in me and to sustain that spark so that in my own simple way i can enlighten the world one thought at a time, with the help of my pinkpad and fingertips.


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